Borrow and restore. appropriate types of re re payment

Borrow and restore. appropriate types of re re payment

Pupils, faculty, staff and site site site visitors may borrow publications, journals, DVDs and much more. You may need a legitimate collection card to borrow materials. Cards aren’t transferable. Privileges differ according to borrower category.

*New borrowing privileges

Borrowing privileges

choose a category:

120 times (loan duration), 500 products, limitless renewals

120 times (loan duration), 500 things, limitless renewals

120 days (loan duration), 500 products, limitless renewals

120 times (loan duration), 500 things, limitless renewals

120 times (loan duration), 500 products, limitless renewals.

120 times (loan duration), 500 things, limitless renewals

28 times (loan duration), 50 things, 12 renewals. Find out more about our solutions for alumni and site site site visitors.

28 times (loan duration), 15 things, 2 renewals.Read more in regards to the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement.

28 times (loan duration), 15 things, 2 renewals Read more about SmartLibrary.


  • You may borrow many news and gear for two weeks with 2 renewals.
  • Present pupils, faculty and workers may borrow gear offered at the Learning Crossroads (second flooring) for seven days.
  • Periodicals, legislation reports and games can generally be lent for fourteen days with 2 renewals.


You are able to restore your things for similar duration due to the fact loan period that is initial. This new deadline is determined through the renewal date and never through the initial date that is due. Payment dates will maybe not expand away from account’s expiry date.

Publications could be renewed so long as:

  • No body has required or recalled them
  • You owe lower than $20 in fines and fees


Courtesy notices are delivered by e-mail whenever:

  • a product you’ve got lent is born quickly – usually 3 times before something is born
  • something you’ve got lent is overdue
  • a product you’ve got required can be obtained to get
  • a product you have got tested is recalled

Pupils, faculty and staff: notices are emailed to your target. Other people: Notices are emailed into the target you joined on your own collection card application. You may be in charge of coming back materials because of the deadline also in the event that you neglect to be given a notice.


To check on the deadline for something, log on to your collection account.

During available hours, you might get back many lent publications to virtually any collection blood circulation desk or perhaps within the return chute obtainable in each collection, along with Desmarais Hall, Colonel By Hall as well as the personal Sciences Building.

After starting hours, things could be put into the evening return chute found outside the library.

Exceptions: the materials that are following be came back straight to the libraries where they certainly were lent:

  • Reserve products
  • Journals
  • Non-book products (DVDs, maps, etc.)


University of Ottawa pupils, faculty and staff may use Omni to demand:

  • Products currently on loan
  • Things positioned at off-site storage space facilities
  • Things that have been in procedure

Click the Request button, enter your details, and select a pickup location. The product you’ve got required will likely be held for you personally for seven days after it gets to the pickup location. Your demand may be terminated in cases where a faculty member needs that people place the product apart for a training course.

Users associated with the University could also request that an item be transported through the primary campus libraries to your Health Sciences Library, Berkman Library or Saint Paul University Library, or the other way around.

Users perhaps perhaps maybe perhaps not connected to the University may demand books situated at off-site storage space facilities. Forward your request.


Something may be recalled whenever another user requests it and it’s also on extensive loan, or overdue. When you yourself have a product for the extensive duration and are preparing to keep the spot, result in the necessary preparations in order to conform to any recall through your lack.

  • A product that’s been recalled needs to be came back within seven days. After 1 week, fines of $4.00/day will be charged. Fines for news and gear will be examined at $10.00/day. The item will be declared lost after 14 days.
  • Products declared lost will incur a $125 standard replacement cost and a $25 non-refundable management fee.

Outstanding reports

Your borrowing privileges will likely to be suspended if you will find outstanding fees in your account of $20 or maybe more, when you have a recalled item that is overdue if you have a reserve item overdue or.

Students: to be able to graduate or get markings or transcripts, you really must have no outstanding fees. Unpaid reports could be known an assortment agency.

The University of Ottawa Library is formally cashless. All library locations accept debit, credit (Visa, Mastercard), cheques, or the uO Flex card as valid methods of payments in an effort to minimize risk and streamline their transactions.

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