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Important business components that are procedural University System of Georgia organizations.

(Last Modified on June 21, 2019)

Travel advance refers to virtually any repayment to a member of staff for travel costs made ahead of the right time that costs will likely to be incurred for a scheduled, future journey. Please make reference to Sections 6.3 and 6.4 associated with Statewide Travel Policy for help with travel improvements. More guidance that is specific authority and approval procedures is addressed into the following sections.

Note: organizations are authorized to create policies that are specific procedures regarding travel advances, offered the policies and procedures don’t conflict with any regulations addressed in Statewide Travel Policy.

Workplace of Preparing and Budget OPB Policy Memorandum # 1 (modification 7, April 2017) area 3 describes the Internal income Service criteria for travel improvements. This policy is situated in the OPB Payment and Accounting Travel Advances web-page.

4.8.1 Authority to Advance Cash for Travel

(Final Modified September 5, 2017)

Note: Work of Planning and Budget OPB Policy Memorandum # 1 (modification 7, April 2017) states that travel improvements can be found and then an employee whoever present salary that is annual $50,000 or less whenever traveling in the united states of america. Travel advances can be found to a member of staff, aside from wage level, for worldwide travel.

The division mind, dean, or his/her designee is authorized to advance state funds to workers traveling on the behalf of their state. Funds could be advanced for expected subsistence (dishes and lodging), as well as for mileage along with other transport expenses which are reimbursable under these travel laws. Travel advances are not essential by state law or by these laws, but are kept towards the discernment regarding the division mind, dean, or his/her designee.

4.8.2 Approval of money Advances for Travel

(Final Modified April 15, 2016)

Department minds, deans, or their designees have to especially authorize each money advance designed to an employee. The written authorization for a cash advance must certanly be included in the Travel advance loan Authorization kind. This type additionally should be finalized by the employee to document that the bucks advance ended up being gotten.

4.8.3 Amount Of Money Advance

(Final Modified April 15, 2016)

Each organization may establish its very own policies cash that is regarding limitations. Organizations must look into the character and likely extent associated with travel whenever determining cash loan limitations. The actual quantity of a cash loan will be pertaining to the estimated expense of travel, as outlined from the travel authorization kind, but will be held to at least and allowed only if the division head, dean, or his/her designee determines that an advance is warranted.

4.8.4 worker and organization Accountability of Funds Advanced

(Final Modified April 15, 2016)

Each worker getting a cash loan shall signal and date the travel advance authorization type, acknowledging cash loan regarding the funds. All employees are completely accountable for funds advanced level for them and shall take into account the funds prior to the statewide travel laws. Workers are accountable for any higher level funds that are lost or stolen.

Neither state legislation nor these laws, nevertheless, in almost any real way alleviate the department mind, dean, or his/her designee through the responsibility of accounting for several funds expended for travel purposes.

4.8.5 Recovery of Cash Advances created for Specific Trips

(Final Modified April 19, 2016)

Once the actual travel expenditures reported regarding the travel cost declaration exceed the quantity of the money advance, the worker will probably be reimbursed for the extra travel expenses incurred. Payday loans for particular trips will be restored beneath the after three circumstances:

  1. As soon as the travel that is actual reported regarding the travel cost declaration are lower than the quantity of the money advance, the employee shall reimburse the organization when it comes to huge difference. This reimbursement will probably be made during the time that is same the travel cost declaration is submitted.
  2. Any cash advances that were made shall be refunded immediately in the event of cancellation or indefinite postponement of authorized travel.
  3. Outstanding travel improvements should always be recovered from terminating employees. The division head, dean, or his/her designee shall establish procedures to make sure that terminating workers lack outstanding payday loans and have actually turned inside their business bank cards.

4.8.6 Recovery of payday loans for Continuous Travel

(Last Modified April 15, 2016)

The full recovery of any cash advance is not required until the employee is removed from continuous travel status for cases in which an employee is in a continuous travel status and has been given a blanket routine travel authorization. Both the worker together with division mind, dean, or his/her designee shall lead to making certain the money advance will not meet or exceed the expected travel expenses for starters (1) spend period. Travel expenses incurred during each pay duration will probably be reported from the travel cost declaration and presented in the end of this duration. Any reimbursement of funds towards the worker should never boost the outstanding advance loan over the authorized restriction.

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